Stephenson Harwood rail industry market research: the results are in!

Rail survey report: The key issues facing the rail industry - what are its biggest successes since privatisation?

Key issues for the future and biggest successes to date

Between April and July this year, the Stephenson Harwood rail team undertook market research on The Future of Rail in Great Britain. We asked members of the rail industry to consider some of the key issues facing the industry at the moment: What the industry has done well since privatisation? What are people hoping for as the recommendations of the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail are implemented? How much involvement, influence and engagement people feel they have in the changes taking place?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. The results make for interesting reading and we were delighted to see so much honesty in the comments, views and recommendations.

We have prepared three high level reports summarising the results, which we will be sharing with you over the course of the next couple of weeks. Today's report takes a look at what the industry thinks the key issues are, as well as reflecting on the biggest successes of the past 25 years.

In this report, are digital signalling, devolution and decarbonisation the key issues for the industry in 2022? And do you agree with what others had to say about its successes?

The report is only a summary of what the industry thinks. We'd be delighted to speak through more of the detail with you and discuss whether your business reflects what the wider industry is saying. Please do get in touch if this is of interest.

Coming up, we take a look at key issues for rail businesses, attracting and retaining talent, involvement in the future of the industry and what people are expecting from the Whole Industry Strategic Plan.

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